Cubase and 32 process core limitation


While back lots of Cubase users had the problem of 28 process + 4 = 32 with multi_core processors so if someone had greater than 14 cores / 28 threads and if they were on Cubase earlier than version 10.x.x then not all the cores threads could be used.

I’m coming here today to ask if Cubase 10.5 has an option to view the cores / threads being used? - Or if Cubase users just use the Windows resource monitor?

I’ve got a PC machine with an Intel Xeon E5 2698 V3 (cheaper Ebay) on an X99 motherboard which is the reason for asking and currently installed is Cubase 10.5.x (I forget) but I think its the last version of Cubase 10 - Any info welcome - Thanks