Cubase and a Novation SL MK2

Hi! My first Sl and so happy i upgraded to fatar keys, they feel like a real instrument. Can’t find how to figure out much about firmware situation. It says 1.3.2. I got automap and editor latest, but can’t find anything about firmware. Maybe i have the latest and all i need to know is- Cubase 9 automap compatible? It(automap) found Reason but no cubase. Thank you in advance!

Seems to be some instructions on the Novation site:

I have 2 SLMKIIs (61 and 49) in my studio. They work fine with Cubase once you set-up the devices menu as specified on the Novation instructions.

I think i got the automap working- at least it shows mixer channels and faders are working. Not got past much more. How do you assign a know to whatever parameter you wish to move? Through quick control? Controllers as such are quite new to me.

In that video 0.43 mark, the black automap program. There seems to be stuff mapped and all but when i launch mine it’s empty?!

I have the same controller, but not yet Cubase 9. I was under the impression that automap hadn’t yet been updated for Cubase 9.

Apparently this is correct:

on 4.9, cubase 8 got the latest support.

I’ve started a new thread on work-arounds for the SL MKii under C9.