Cubase and Akai MPK 49 issues

Hi i have an issue with my akai mpk49 and Cubase 8, Installed following this procedure with the generic xml akai mpk49-88

  1. Transport bar not working
  2. If I open Cubase with akai mpk 49 already plugged to the usb port (with the mpk screen on and already set on Cubase mode) the controller doesn’t work, no midi in.
    In order to make it work I need to unplug it, close cubase, plug it again and restart Cubase, few times unplugging and resetting the midi devices did work without having to close cubase 8.

Other things plugged in the computer (All of them are working flawlessy)
Ilok, Steinberg elicencer, Logitech usb wireless keyboard and mouse, Rme Fireface Uc
Operative system running: Windows 7 x64 sp1, Cubase 8.0
Hardware: I7 4790k, Mobo gigabyte gigabyte z97x ud7 th,32gb Ram, Uad quad, Gtx 660, Corsair tx850
Help and suggestion are appreciated. (the same message has been forwarded to akai) Thank you, Roberto