Cubase and Axiom Pro

Please will someone have pity on me…

64 bit PC Windows 7
quad core
8 gig of ram
Cubase 6
RME 9652 audio card

I have been trying for 3 evenings to get my Axiom pro to work with Cubase 6. Has anyone been able to do this? and if so how? I can’t get it to work with hyper control I can’t get it to work with the device set up (generic device)

I can get Cubase to recognize the keyboard and I can play notes and stuff but tying to control anything in Cubase is just random and the transport controls don’t work at all (except the loop button and the record button???)

I’m just looking for someone to tell me they are having problems too or that it works great on their system and how they set it up.

Beyond frustrating.

Thanks in advance.


Is it a new keyboard you are trying to setup for the first time or was it working fine with Cubase 5.5.2 ?

If this is the first time you try, are you sure you have the correct software from M-Audio ?

The software coming with the keyboard is for Cubase 4… I don’t think it works on recent version of cubase,
particularly 64 bit versions of the software.
You need to download it from the M-Audio forum (after you register I beleive). This is more or less a beta
version for Axiom Pro keyboards… I can’t you tell you more, I don’t remember the details.

Also , is Cubase 6 able to see the DLL installed by M-Autdioo installation software ? Can you see the M-Audio in
the list of midi devices which is required to set it up in cubase ? There is also an issue if you have both Cubase
5 and Cubase 6 installed at the same time on Win7 64 bits. The M-Audio installation software is installing
in Cubase 5 directories, and Cubase 6 doesn’t see anything. (I think you can copy the ddl manually. I don’t
remember the name of the dll, but you should find it easily doing a reseach for *.dll with windows 7 tools).

Also, in my case, while it works , I have sometime some freeze of the keyboard requiring restart of both the hardware and Cubase… :frowning:

I hope this helps.



Yes that helps! I had the AP working fine in Cubase on my mac G5 but recently had to switch everything to my PC. I do have Cubase 5 Installed on this PC so perhaps that is the problem.

I do not see the driver for the AP listed under devices in C6 so I will try what you suggest and go from there.

Thanks again and I’ll report back if I can get it to work as some other people might be having the same problem.



I have verified my config…
You need a ddl named AxiomProCubaseHyperControll.ddl in Cubase6\Components sub-directory.

I beleive I got it by downloading file “Install M-Audio AxiomPro 6_0_1.exe” from M-Audio forum.
I am not sure however. But this is the only related file I can find in the download area of my computer.

Then, you should see the M Audio device when klickin on the “+” (on the top left) of device configuration window
inside cubase etc…

That all I can do :slight_smile:

Regards, Igor.


No matter how many times I install the 6.0.1 file the driver is never installed. The software tells me it’s installed but there is no file.

Any chance you could email me that file?