cubase and clavinova help!

I cannot post and its really annoying

All i want to know is how to capture sounds from my Yamaha Clavinova into Cubase.

I was told that I need to do this “Basically, what you’d need, is to set up Cubase as the MIDI master and the CVP as a slave, in Cubase select the CVP voices, and then record back the AUDIO output of the CVP into Cubase.”

But I don’t know how to do this, PLEASE HELP ME PLEAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEE!

Aloha K,

It is really easy.

1-Read the section in the manual on how to record audio into Cubase.
2-then connect the (audio) output(s) of the CVP to your computer as per the manual
3- Start the Cubase app,
4-Select the correct audio channel(s) and press record.
5-Play on the CVP and Cubase will record it.


That midi master/slave stuff is nonsense :stuck_out_tongue:
If you just want to record your playing realtime, do as Curteye suggested.
If you want to edit your playing before making the final recording, you’ll also need to connect the clavinova to your midi interface. (or if it has USB you can use that.) In this case, the workflow is as follows:
Create a midi track, set the in and outputs of that track to the clavinova, arm the track for record, hit the record button and start playing your part. When done, stop the recording, edit the playing as you wish. Now create an audio track, set the input to your audio interface where you connected the audio output from the Clavinova, arm the audio track for record, hit the record button and watch as the midi track plays back, triggering your clavinova.

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