Cubase and CPU Power?

I am in the experimental stages of using Cubase 7. I have been using Reason 6.5 as my main DAW. Now I have upgraded to Cubase 7, I do not know if I will go up to Reason 7, because I do not see any significant changes, that will be helpful to me.

I invested a lot of money on VST and VSTi technology, but hardly used my host program Cubase, I decided I wanted to take advantage of my VST technology by using Cubase 7. But I am running in to a problem, it uses too much power. I have 6 gigs of Ram and an Intel Core 2 quad CPU 2.66 GHz 2.67 GHz, I can up my RAM to 8 gigs and that is it.

I haven’t pushed my cache on Cubase to the limit yet, but I go to the half way mark after using about 4 or 5 tracks and that seems like too much. In Reason 6.5 I get 15 tracks and even about 20 tracks in project using all kinds of FX on my Audio tracks, but it seems like I am running out of CPU power in Cubase before I even almost complete my music tracks. I ran 4 loops and a bass VST track and hit the half way mark. I imported 3 audio tracks from a rewire in Reason to Cubase and hit the half way mark.

Is this all Cubase has to offer or am I doing something wrong in my setup?


Aloha P,

IMHO not at all.

IMHO here is the prob.
A very kool machine. (for a couple of years ago).

A nice i7 with lots o’ ram and an SSD would work wonders.

And yes IMHO except for when it was all MIDI,
Cubase is and always has been a hog.
But I still love it. :slight_smile: