Cubase and Dolby Atmos - Apple Spatial

Since music delivery companies seem to be pushing Dolby Atmos for music will we see Atmos capabilities in Steinberg’s music production software (Cubase) or will it still be reserved for Nuendo ?

Atmos probably had been a Cinema / Home Cinema emphasised production technology which made sense to now to keep it just in Nuendo - but now that theres an industry push to make it the new norm/option for music delivery I would like to see it as part of Cubase.

How are we feeling about that here?


Dolby technologies are not free of charge
Cubase can handle surround sound up to 5.1

it seems that Cubase is the wrong platform for Dolby Atmos support

I wouldnt have considered Dolby Atmos a requirement of Cubase until the major music digital distributors appear to be making a push for music delivery.

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So Avid just released a platform for Digital Distribution of Atmos music to the likes of Amazon, Apple Music etc… It appears that Atmos is gathering pace in terms of a new format for Music consumption.

Again… Cubase being a Music oriented DAW and also appealing to EDM people (for which Atmos has to be of interest ) and noted Film and TV composers - I’m not sure Steinberg can risk not including Atmos in Cubase. Any comment from Steinberg on this?

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This is exactly why I came to the forums today. Do I cross grade to Nuendo or wait for Cubase? That’s a risk because I’m working on new material now and spatial / Dolby Atmos is of great interest. My music already includes a lot panning so the logic next step is Dolby Atmos.

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Yes! Have both running now and drilling down on Atmos…

While I do agree w/wanting this, Nuendo is purposely marketed as a professional cinema rich DAW while Cubase is a Music production DAW w/limited video capabilities.
Any Professional who actually needs it will feel it’s worth the upgrade if they are delivering “industry” content.

You may be right. I’ve since taken the upgrade and am on Nuendo.

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Awesome…fill us in on any cool things that made it worth it, I may have to do so…lol