Cubase and Dorico conflict? Operator Error!

This is probably a dumb question because … operator error! For example sometimes when in Cubase I will inadvertently start Dorico (or vice-versa) and, there being a license conflict, my eLicenser indicates there are no licenses and I have to do a complete reboot to set things right again. I’ve tried unplugging and replugging the eLicenser to no avail. Is there a way (besides not being stupid and doing it in the first place!) to set things aright without a reboot? All info appreciated, thanks.

You could try, after closing both Cubase and Dorico, running the Maintenance function on the eLicenser.
But I’m not sure why you would be getting a conflict in the first place. They are separate programs with separate licenses and should be able to co-exist. I don’t have Nuendo but I just opened Cubase, Wavelab, Dorico, and Halion6 all at the same time with no problems, and they all rely on the eLicenser.
Hopefully someone more experienced will be able to help you with this.

Thanks, SF_Green!

Do you think this might have to do with “Release Driver when Application is in Background” being unchecked in the Cubase VST Audio page under Studio Setup?

I doubt it. If anything that would help them share the ASIO driver as you switched between the two. I would be surprised if that caused a licensing error.

Thanks again.