Cubase and Dorico

Just landed here with my list of things I’d really like to see in Cubase only to read Raino’s opening post…

My list was only three items long, but if I had to pick one it would be to be have one that is regularly mentioned: real-time links between Cubase and Dorico. I’d like to write, change and finalise the score in Dorico and use Cubase for everything else. Playback, mixing, note and expression editing, sample hosting, midi setup, setting up controllers, linking to VE Pro, Lemur etc. - literally everything else.

Cubase’s Score editor is good but Dorico is in another league entirely. Note entry and Score formatting with Dorico is lightning quick and the results are beautiful - the same can’t be said of the Score Editor.

Conversely, Dorico’s back-end (playback, mixing) is in its infancy and while they will undoubtedly develop this area over the next few years, Cubase will always be miles ahead (and arguably getting even further ahead).

In short: Cubase will never be the Score Editor that Dorico is and Dorico will never be the Playback Powerhouse that Cubase is. While both programs can (and should) stand independently of each other, linking them really would be getting the best of both worlds.

Studio One and Notion are now linked. Cubase and Dorico are a dream ticket.

Hi David,

Raino is only asking for users to not list multiple requests in the same thread. You are more than welcome to create a thread for each feature request that you have. The idea is to have each idea separated so that each thread doesn’t end up with 5 different discussions going on at the same time.

Of course, do a quick search of the existing threads to make sure there is not already a thread for your idea before creating a new one.