Cubase and Dorico


as I find the score-editing in Cubase quite poor, I would wish an integrtation of Dorico in Cubase 9.5 at no charge.



Dorico as it is costs only a few dollars less than Cubase Pro. They are not going to include it for free. They are different products aimed at different (although sometimes overlapping) markets.

There should be a discount for Cubase owners to buy Dorico (at least for a temporary period). I agree that the Cubase scoring feature is horrid but the moderator doesn’t like you to speak the truth. He will call you a troll.

That would have been smart from a marketing standpoint. I bet the revenue generated by additional sales would be greater revenue lost due to lower pricing for those Cubase users who bought it at the current price. And for a new product in an already established product category increasing the user base at the start has got to be important.

“Poor” ? You can’t be serious ! Please try to learn how to use it.
(same for you Minimalist)

I wish a complete integration of Dorico into Cubase too. In the meantime The Score Editor being quite professional and even quite impressive for a scoring program inside a DAW, I can wait.

If you are an engraver, and you don’t need the extra playback capabilities of the Score Editor, then it would be more straightforward for you to work with a dedicated scoring software.

Maybe you should simply consider investing in Dorico.

Also there might be numerous future upgrade sales for Dorico.

I’d pay for a Cubase Pro + if it included Dorico integrated and had an option to switch between Cubase Classic Score and Cubase Dorico Score. And of coarse also was Standalone.

Another alternative for this would be a “Dorico LIte” in Cubase. IMO there are huge benefits for composers to have their score fully integrated with their sequencer, too many to list. I would love to see C10 with a piano clef “edit in place” option for the project window, all in Dorico - so you could think notes.

I am waiting until Dorico truly integrates before I buy. Meanwhile it is true that Cubase score is powerful they should keep it as legacy. Does Dorico have display quantize yet?


At least the ability for Cubase and Dorcio to interact as Studio One and Notion or as Cubase and Wavelab.

A real integration should happen in a second time.

I’m surprised the first iteration didn’t include ReWire. Steinberg invented ReWire. The exclusion of ReWire is one of the reasons I said Daniel Spreadbury doesn’t care about Cubase customers.

I agree that ReWire should be a must-have feature.

But (for me), it will be more usefull to have interaction as previously mentioned.

“The exclusion of ReWire is one of the reasons I said Daniel Spreadbury doesn’t care about Cubase customers”
I do not agree with this statement. Dorico has a lot of features but also a lot missing ones : tabs, chords and many other (including ReWire). It is more a timing issue than anybody doesn’t care about any customers.

However, I agree that Dorico is not an application mainly designed for Cubase users, but an alternative for Finale or Sibelius (and other) - and as Cubase user, I hope this will change within this new year.

Steinberg possesses killer applications but still need to create an homogeneous worflow, something deeper than 3 standalone tools (Dorico, Cubase, Wavelab) and I don’t think ReWire - witch can be helpfull - will be sufficient.

Care to elaborate? Why not helpful enough? ReWire doesn’t just sync the programs unless poorly implemented.

Because Rewire doesn’t provide for sharing selections. (If I may jump in).

First … it’s true I probably not use ReWire correctly.

But it would be usefull to open and work directly on data rather than on flow : at least the ability do send and receive data to and from an application (like it is actually possible in Cubase & Wavelab) ; at best the ability to open Dorico in replacement of Cubase Score Editor (as an option if you own the 2 applications) or to open Wavelab within Cubase as a complement of the (very usefull) cubase audio editor without an export/import and with the benefit of a single application (and the ability, for example, to use the history in all steps - not only mix console - and to save the history).

SteveInChicago : Is this what you said by “sharing selections” ?
Minimalist : do not hesitate to correct me if ReWire should be my “go-to” option … as soosn as Dorico will include ReWire :smiley:

As in, you select a note in the Score Editor, and it is simultaneously selected in the Key Editor.