Cubase and EW Symphonic Choirs - Why diff keys?

When I try to assign a 4 part SATB choir (using Cubase), I find that it seems to be totally up to some whim as to whether I get consistant and predictable ranges of voice, or even a voice in the same Key! For example, if I load a Soprano in track 1 and then procede to track 2 (separate instance) to load an Alto voice, sometimes I get some voice in the Tenor range - - or I may get an Alto voice, but it sounds an octave lower - - or I may get some voice that sounds ONE WHOLE STEP LOWER OR HIGHER than the concert pitch that I received in the previous track !!
In other words, there is no rhyme or reason as to what I’ll get. What am I doing wrong?
Naturally, unless I’m some kind of creature from another planet, I want the Soprano to be in the Sop range, the Alto in the Alto range … tenors, and basses likewise.
A N D I want them all to be in the same KEY, for Pete’s sake !! Why can’t I get this?

This is a bit late, but have you downloaded the updates from SoundsOnLine? There is a remote chance that the issues have been fixed. Remote as in the customer service for East West is located in another Galaxy! :laughing: :confused: