Cubase and Export are Different ...

Hi there, I have setup two stereo out busses and use them to route different stuff to different busses to control them. Now it sounds as expected when I playback everything in cubase, but when I export it, though with .wav with 32 bit and 44.1khz … it sounds as if the left stereo out is way to loud. I checked it back on different media players, all same result.

Am I missing a conceptual thing to do this right … what you hear is not what you get ?

Any hint very appreciated.


What aout the second (left) half of Export Windows? What are you exporting? Do you use Output channels, and just one output? Or do you use Batch Export?


Don’t set up two Stereo Out busses. Only use one Stereo out Bus. Instead use a couple of Group Tracks, use them to balance, then send them to the one stereo out bus.

Yes, this is the point, where I’m heading. :slight_smile:

ok wonderful guys that helped, thx ! I exchanged the seperation from output busses to groups and went in 1 output bus and everything exportet as expected. regarding the output channels I had deleted the 2nd one before looking if it was active, but anyways if it wasn’t, it shouldn’t have exported that output, and if it was checked … then it should have exported as to be expected. … but anyways, the group channels do their job perfect now.