Cubase and External Instrument

I’m trying to set up my Korg Kronos as an external instrument in Cubase Pro 11. I’ve downloaded and installed the Korg plugin editor and I’ve downloaded a Steinberg XML file from the option on the plugin editor that says “Cubase patchscript.” I’ve followed the tutorial on how to load in external instruments, but I do not see that Cubase is communicating with my Kronos. It doesn’t give me the option to select the presets.

I’m at a total loss here. Any help is much appreciated!


If you are going to use the editor plug-in, you don’t need the patch script anymore. You would select the sound (and control the parameters) in the plug-in.

then how would I be able to use the Kronos in Cubase?


You would add an Instrument Track, insert the editor plug-in and control all Kronos parameters via the plug-in.