Cubase and google hangouts/skype

Not too sure if this is the place to post or if anyone uses these, but Ive been trying to setup some screensharing projects with my brother in another city and having some issues getting audio transfer properly. I currently have my interface, Steinberg UR824, as my input and output device but for some reason the only audio fed is whats being picked up of my internal mic on my imac from whats playing through my monitors. Does anyone have experience working like this and get it to successfully work? Thanks in advance.


Not exactly sure how this works but I think you need to activate loopback in the UR setup.


I tried it yesteray with UR44 on Windows 7. But it should be similar on Mac.

You need to enable the loopback function on the interface.

In your broadcasting or screen capture software select your interface as adio source.

And you may aslo need to select your interface as default playback and recording device (at least on Windows) if you want to use any wavs, mp3, mp4 that are on your computer or any system sounds

Nice! Thanks alot guys, I will try later and post back my findings.

So Ive tried again and managed to get the input from the mic working properly but still cant get the audio from cubase to play through. In hangouts I have both the input and out set for my UR824 and Ive now enabled loopback on the interface. Ive also turned off my monitors because before the sound off the monitors was being picked up by the mic. Could it be something with my output through cubase itself? Just not making sense why the mic seems to be working but nothing else. Thanks again