Cubase and Groove Agent 4

Got a problem with a project I’ve been working on using Groove Agent 4 SE in Cubase 8

All was ok and then suddenly most of the output from GA4SE is coming out of the left channel.

I’ve checked the obvious (panning etc) but can’t seem to find what’s causing this.

Now, if I add another Groove Agent 4 SE instance, it does the same thing again.

Any ideas?


Did you try re-booting the computer and then reloading the project? Also, you might try resetting the Asio driver. I’d check your output bus to make sure nothing’s changed there. I’ve never had an issue like this with the instrument. It sounds system related, not a GA issue, per se. Good luck.

Yea, was first few things I tried. It’s an odd one and I think it’s a Cubase issue more than to do with that VSTi in particular. It happened after I had used the Auto LFO MIDI Insert. No matter what I tried, I could not fix it. In the end, after spending too much time trying, I was forced to revert to a backup project file I had from before I’d used the Auto LFO, and the problem was gone.

Seems to me some sort of glitch there in Cubase

I’ve never experienced this exact thing with GA. I’d save the kit – if you need to, then reset agent and reload the kit and pattern group if you are using any. Also, the other obvious thing is to de-activate or remove any plug-ins.

Resetting your audio engine might help. Sorry, but that’s all I can think of. I’ve had a few odd things happen with GA, but for the most part, it was odd sounds or routing due to my mix or set-ups. :nerd: :unamused:

Good luck.