cubase and Halion Sonic with Soft-eLicenser


I just purchased and downloaded Cubase Artist 9.5. Since I’m based in new zealand and sending the USB-eLicenser from hamburg around the world might take a few / many weeks, is there any chance to activate and run Cubase Artist with the Soft-eLicenser in the meantime? I couldn’t get that running - it’s always asking for USB in license manager.

Thanks for any help

No, you can only run Cubase Artist (and Pro) with a USB eLicenser.

There’s probably somewhere more local than Hamburg that you can buy the eLicenser. If not in NZ then I’m sure in Australia.

Guess why…

Cubase Elements trial version will work without USB elicenser for 30 days.

I hear you - I have to be patient and wait a few weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

In the meantime I also installed (and activated with eLicenser) Halion Sonic. As far as I know it should run as standalone as well.

When starting Halion Sonic it just shows the splashscreen and then disappears. Nothing is running.

After installing ASIO4ALL (needed that to get lower latency with UVI-workstation - which does work by the way with my USB-keyboard), it now asks which ASIO driver I want to use. When choosing the standard one the splash screen just disappears again, when choosing ASIO4ALL the splashscreen freezes.

Am I doing something wrong here as well?