Cubase and Halion Symphonic orchestra issue

I have had Halion Symphonic Orchestra Pro a while now, and I have the VST interface, for some reason when I installed C8 I found that it flagged that it could not find the content. So, I checked my regular sample drive and it seems to have vanished. I reinstalled both the interface and the content files. I can get the interface from on my desktop but it can’t the content. I navigated to where I thought I had reinstalled the content and there were files there but no HSB file.
I did notice that the installer wanted to install into my AppData folder (the whole 5.6 gigs of instrument sets) but I did not want it there, so I changed it to my sample drive.

I can hear sound in Halion Sonic SE, but not in the standalone.

Cant find a hsb file anywhere

I simply don’t know what I am doing wrong