Cubase and hardware synthesizers (works in progress)

Hi all. Here are some of my latest works in progress, composed and recorded with Cubase 8 using mostly vintage and modern analog synthesizers. I’d love some feedback. Thanks for listening!


Sounds very nice !

I hear lots of interesting textures in your mix.

Thanks for sharing,


Killer sounds, tell us a little about your setup and recording technique. I love improve factor in compositions.

Thanks for listening Kenny. And thanks for asking…

My setup consists of a Mac Pro running Cubase 8. A MOTU 2408k3 and MOTU 24i/o give me 32 simultaneous audio inputs. I use many hardware synthesizers that I sequence from Cubase. To convert Cubase’s MIDI data to analog control voltages, I use a variety of MIDI-to-CV devices. Plus an Oberkorn hardware sequencer for additional MIDI-synced modulation.

My workflow for a track means I usually spend a few weeks to a month to get an initial version recorded (I have a full-time job too). I compose 8-16 bar layers of melodies and rhythms using a different instrument for each. When I’m satisfied and I think there is something good happening with different parts that work together, I record each of the tracks into Cubase, tweaking the instruments during recording. When all is recorded into Cubase, I usually have 15-20 tracks. Then I start to edit and organize the recordings into a layered composition with intro, builds, breakdowns, choruses, etc. Most of the tracks I shared on Soundcloud are much longer than what I expect the finished piece will be.

One of the many things I find unique about composing with hardware is how I’m forced to stick with a track until its recorded and not start something new. It would be virtually impossible to re-patch a modular synth or tweak some keyboard knobs and then recall settings at a later date.

Some hardware synths used: SEM, SH-1, CS-5, MKS-50, TB-303, Megazwerg, Monotribe, Voyager RME, Minitaur. Some eurorack synths used: mainly Doepfer and Intellijel modules. Doepfer vocoder, spring reverb, and bbd delay for various effects and sound processing. Hardware drum machines used: DRM-1, TR-606, Kick Lancet. Some key VSTs used: M-Tron Pro, Phosphor, EOS, Valhala Vintage Verb, EQuick and Compassion.

Phew! Did I miss anything? Feel free to ask.

Thanks Muziksculp!

Really nice to read about the recording technique, al lot of work and it has some real craftsmanship in it.
The sounds are what you expect from the vintage hardware, although i was counting on a bit more power in the sounds. The compositions remind me of a lot of the 70ties synth music. Jarred and Schultz mainly.
A melodic hook could add something extra maybe. Thanks for posting, there is a lot to listen to on your soundcloud account! :smiley:

Hi blackelmo,

You are very welcome !

When I first listened to your track, I knew there was quite a bit of texture you have mixed. So, I’m not surprised you have a great collection of HW-Synths, including some modular units. I love the sound of HW Synths, be it Analog, Virtual Analog, or Digital.

Your workflow to record your projects is a good system, it makes you commit to a certain degree to finish a track :slight_smile: Which is a good thing. I experiment a lot, but a lot of times, I don’t capture some magical moments.

Again, your music sounds great, and Thanks for sharing your work here.