Cubase and i5-1335U

Hi ,
i plan to change my cpu Amd Athlon 240ge with 2 core 3,5 clockspeed base : PassMark - AMD Athlon 240GE - Price performance comparison

i see the barebone ZOTAC ZBOX CI649 nano with i5 1335u with 10 cores 1,3 and 0,9 clockspeed base :

Among cpubenchmark , i5 1335u seems better in performance in multicore and monocore that’s right ?
But why i5 1335u clockspeed is lower than my Athlon 240ge ?
It is because now CPU perform better so they don’t need to run quicker ?
I would like the i5 1335u to perform better in monocore and also in multicore with Cubase than my Athlon 240ge …
That will be the case ?