Cubase and IK Philharmonik

I’m trying to run IK Philharmonik with cubase but this one doesn’t respond to program change. Any idea to change the midi channel in cubase in the same track? I don’t want to create an individual track to each sound. I’m thinking of giving back this IK instrument.

Do you use an instrument track or the VST Instruments panel?

Like vst instrument from the panel

You can change the MIDI channel of a track, on the fly, with the Generic Remote.

Try this:
If you want some ready made multi setups for each instrument, try theese:
(Scroll down to where it says New! 50 Free Combis for Miroslav Philharmonik)

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The IK plug-ins don’t respond to program change events by default, but you can set up a program change table. It’s in the manual somewhere (I can’t remember how off-hand).

You load the philharmonic VST in vst panel–no midi channel assigning, than you add midi channels to the Philharmonic VST…and add a philharmonic sound to the midi channel.

Now you do have a multitimbral vsti and only one instance loaded for 16 midichannels…now you can make a template
You can add a second philharmonic Vsti…than you get 32 midichannels …and so on

Than you can make a expressionmap for Philharmonic for adding articulations sound in the keyeditor

For a any midi channel you can choosy any sound in Philharmonic and working with a orchestral template is better…than you make the setup one time and you can use over and over again
expressionmap examples here :, but no philharmonic, perhaps somewhere else?

I don’t have a manual for Philharmonic so i don’t know what keys to use for keyswitches and how the articulations are setup