cubase and its cost

Dear friends

Am I the only one who thinks that steinberg are a rip off… Ive recently upgraded to the new cubase pro 8 and Ive got to say im not totally sold… Its all about money with steinberg… Everything cost a small fortune. You get the bear basics. You dont get lifetime updats like you do with other firms. You get the downgraded verions of grooveagent in fact everything about the dam stuff seems to be about making dosh… Not at all about promoting the artist or even in making the music. All the expasions cost the earth I dont know why I went down the road with them to be honest… and what do i get… Told to go use someone elses stuff or a bunch of excuses… kind of reminds me of a fuck you im alright jack attitude…

Welcome! Fantastic first post. For sure, I’m not your friend.

Firstly I did not come on here for a argument nor did I come on here to be responded by pointless replies to my obvious frustration.

now that was funny!!! :laughing:
a little low but funny still :laughing: :laughing:

I can block people all day long, Thats funny to

This is pretty much just a troll thread, so I’ll lock it.

To the OP, you are welcome to complain, but your comments are inflammatory (i.e. trolling), so the responses are not too surprising.