Cubase and Kontakt program change

Hello. I would like to use 1 midi track with Kontakt sampler and change patches with program change in the key editor or the list editor. I load some patches in Kontakt in different midi channel but i don’t know the procedure to change patches. Thank’s for your help !

Aloha R,

A lil MIDI lesson:
Anything you do in MIDI is an ‘event’.
Notes are events and patch changes are events. (and there are many others).

What you want to do is create a patch change event in Cubase.

You do this by opening up a MIDI/Instrument track in the:
‘List Editor’.

The List Editor is where the action is!
Everything that happens in a MIDI track will be in this list.

I remember reading a phrase in an old Cubase manual that said:
‘There is no such thing as ‘simultaneous’ in a MIDI track.
Everything is really an extremely tight arpeggio’.

1-learn to create MIDI events (see manual and real easy to do)
2-Create a ‘Patch Chain’ event.
3-Place (insert) that event in the List Editor a clik or two
just before where you want the sound to change.
and bob’s yer uncle’

HTH (hope this helps)


Thank’s for your reply. I know the list editor but i have never change patches inside a single midi track. I have my Kontakt plugin there with 5 patches on different midi channel. I insert a patch change event in the list editor but next what do i do ?

Patch changes in Kontakt probably won’t work due to the time it takes to load a patch. There are two other ways to accomplish the desired if you think about it logically. :wink:

Aloha R and a MAJOR

When I posted ‘MIDI Patch Change Events’
what I really meant was ‘MIDI Programme Change Events’.

Sorry bout that. Here is an example:

Using a MIDI guitar I have the ability to have a different sound
on each string.

So from my controller (this is all hardware)
1-I send a MIDI 'Programme Change event to my sound module (Korg M3R).
2-The Korg ‘sees’ that event and brings up the ‘Patch’ that is previously set-up with
ex 6 different horn sounds or different percussion sounds or a string quartet etc etc.

‘Patch Change’ happens in your sound source device. (for you that’s Kontakt)

but Cubase can send a MIDI Programme Change message to Kontakt to tell it to
bring up a specific ‘patch’.

A patch that you have already configured in a certain way.

Now another approach:
Let’s say that a specific ‘Patch’ inside KontaKt has all the different sounds on different MIDI channels.

You could then send programm change messages on different MIDI channels from Cubase (one one track)
to each separate sound in Kontact and in essence change the ‘patch’ that way.

But by doing it that way you may also have to send separate volume/pan/bend etc
messages. Especially if you are layering sounds. Things can get a lil ‘kludgy’.

Contact the Kontakt folks :slight_smile: about setting up patches that can be accessed and tweaked from a DAW.

Also keep in mind what Immortal posted about loading times.

MIDI is old (like me) and is from a day of no samples. Only synths.
So things loaded very fast back then.
Now days it takes much more time for samples to load.



Thank’s for your suggestions. I appreciate ! I will try that !

Just create a new bank in Kontakt (Files > New Bank Instrument) - and load some different patches into this bank. A bank in Kontakt is always assigned to one Midi receive channel.

The easiest way to switch between the patches is to use a master keyboard which is capable to send prg changes - but you can also use the controller lane of the cubase key editor to insert/edit the prg changes after the recording.

Works great - no loading time.