Cubase and Kontakt


recently I’ve noticed a problem when using cubase and a few instances of Kontakt (Multiple VST inserts). It seems that when I save my project and re-open it another day, the midi channels assigned to each instance of Kontakt get mixed up. Say for example, I have one midi track assigned to a kontakt VST Piano and I have another midi track assigned to a different kontakt VST violin (each added as a seperate insert in cubase), if I save my project and re-open it later, sometimes the track that was initially assigned to play the Piano Kontakt is now playing the Violin Kontakt, as if the output of the midi track was assigned to the violin insert of Kontakt!

I know you might think that I changed the output of the midi track by accident, but this is starting to happen quite often, I’m wondering if anyone would have a possible solution.

Thank you,

I need a little more clarification… if you don’t mind? Are these INSTRUMENTS within seperate instances of Kontakt, or separate instruments within a single instance of Kontakt? What version of Kontakt? What Version of OS? What version of Cubase… for starters!


As MoPro said: Please describe your setup a little more. I have Cubase 6.5.4 and Komplete 9 ultimate and I have never seen this happen with Kontakt. Have you been over to the NI forum?