Cubase and Kontakt

Hi guys,
These programmes seem so sensitive to each other! I load the Cubase file, It works. I play on a Kontakt track for a few bars, the whole PC crashes. I force close Cubase, open it again and repeat the procedure. Open, play, crash, etc. etc.
Any one got any idea how I solve this?
I updated Kontakt and Cubase today but no change.

Maybe check your harddisk for bad sectors. Most of the time when I have crashes its the harddisk.

Thanks for that idea. It seems that if my VST performance goes above 50%, Kontakt struggles and eventually crashes. I wonder what Steinberg think about this?
Solution? I changed the ASIO buffer from 128 to 512. There is a slight increase in latency but no Kontakt crashes.
Is this good practice?

Increasing latency is to be expected, to be free of crashes is what we are striving for :wink: so whatever works is right I suppose.