Cubase and Korg Nanokontrol

Hi there!!

I was wondering if it is possible to set up the Nano faders with cubase so when i move a fader in the nano it doesnt move on cubase until it reaches the point where it is in cubase.

I know it can be done in Reaper, because i downloaded a map for it and it works perfect, but couldnt find anything for cubase.

I miss some motorized faders on it :cry:



Yes, you can do this. use Devices > Device Setup > Generic Remote Device (please, search for this here, on the forum, lots of posts, already).

To this dedicated mode (fader doesn’t move on cubase until it reaches the point where it is in cubase), use the Pick-up Flag in the upper part of the Generic Remote Device.

I don’t know Korg Nanokontrol very well. If it is using Mackie Control protocol, then unfortunately there is no the Pick-up mode for this device in Cubase.

Thanks. im using mackie as in the manual, tried to search more info with no success, hope someone can help me setting up this controller in generic mode so i could use pickup mode,

A script would be great.


OK, pick-up Mode is unfortunately not part of Mackei Control Device in Cubase. Search for the Generic Remote Device here on the forum. There are already a posts.