Cubase and Mackie HUI channel limit


Is there anyone who can help me with Mackie HUI…!!!

I have an AMS Neve VX Console With the Encore plus Automation and “Star Command”… So i can use the desk as DAW controller for Faders and Mutes…32 Channels over MIDI ip and four Ethernet Channels…!!

With Pro Tools it works Perfect …On Cubase 7 i have only the first 8 Channels working and if i move fader 1 on the Console then it moves Fader 9,17 and 25 too… Fader 2 moves 10,18, and 26 ect…!!! I see that on Cubase mixer the first 8 channels have a white bar on the bottom…!!! Thats indicates that this Channels are Remote Controlled… I want the 32 Channels enable the white Bar…!!!

On the “Remote Devices” i have enable 4 (four) Mackie Hui,s… Each eith a separete Ethernet in/out Connection to control 8 Faders…!!!

So where is the problem…??? Is it possible to make changes o the Mackie HUI dll so it can use up to 32 channels…?? On Pro tools it works very easy … with the same HUI setup…

Thanks allot to all and greetings from Athens greece…

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