Cubase and Mackie MCU Pro Scrub...Need Advice

Hey All,

Still wrestling with my setup to get it where I need it. I just purchased an MCU Pro and have it working. Not a big fan of the loud “clicky” buttons but…what are you gonna do?

My real issue is the scrub function. The wheel has indents and Cubase doesn’t seem to want to let me do precise scrub/editing. The cursor jumps a hair past what I want to edit. Back and forth, I can’t get it precisely where I need it. No matter how far I zoom in. This is extremely frustrating as this is the exact reason I went with the MCU.

Can this be adjusted in Cubase? A way to make the wheel scrub much more precisely?


Well, I’ve been able to get everything to work the way it should EXCEPT my scrubbing issue. For all intents and purposes, scrubbing for editing is completely useless as it is not precise. Makes no sense to me.

I’m beginning to think I should have just stuck with my Shuttle Pro as it does everything the Mackie does without the faders. And that’s primarily all I need. The Mackie looks nice but is not convenient for a desktop as it takes up space. Am I missing something? Is there more the Mackie is useful for? Buttons I use (which the Shuttle Pro does perfectly): Transport functions, undo/redo, arm record, Split, Zoom in/out, RTZ, Next/Previous Track, Monitor on/off…

And a few other odds and ends.

So, should I sell the Mackie or am I passing up on some functionality that I am unaware of?

I can let it go for a good price… :laughing:

Got rid of the MCU Pro.

Thanks for the overwhelming amount of feedback and advice given to me here. :unamused:

You bought a Mackie Control but you didn’t need faders?

That seems misguided.

Glad you figured it out.