Cubase and MIDI setup

I’d like to set up Cubase Elements 10.5 and my Korg Kronos with MIDI only. For whatever reason, I’m getting noise in the audio path from somewhere in my setup, so I’m looking to circumvent this by using MIDI. The thing is, I know how to set it up in Pro Tools, but not Cubase. From what I’ve been shown, in Pro Tools, you can have a hybrid keyboard connected via MIDI cables, turn local control off, and choose the individual sounds in the keyboard from Pro Tools, all without any audio tracks or cables (if I’m not explaining this well, please tell me. I can try to post a recording of what I’m talking about). I’ve been told that I can set up Cubase in the same way, but like I said, I have no idea how to do it. I found this forum post, but there’s a few things I’m unfamiliar with, so I don’t really know what to make of it: Korg Forums :: View topic - Kronos into Cubase

Any help with figuring this out is greatly appreciated!


Same in Pro Tools and Cubase, if you wouldn’t connect the Audio from Korg to your Audio Device (and then Pro Tools/Cubase), the audio from the Kenos will not be present in Pro Tools/Cubase. So you cannot export it as audio or mix with other Audio and Instrument sources.

The connection is very same. Just use USB cable.

In Cubase, add MIDI track, and choose the right MIDI Output (KORG Kronos).

I have the Kronos connected with two MIDI cables into my interface and Cubase is reading the MIDI input, but I cannot figure out how to get Cubase to recognize the Kronos.


In witch sense do you mean “recognise”, please? Cubase doesn’t see Kronos directly, Cubase sees your Audio Interface. If you would use USB cable, Cubase would see Kronos.