Cubase and modular synthesis

kinda just wondering if it’s possible the next version of cubase might feature something similar to fl studio’s “patcher” plugin. (or something kinda like plogue “bidule”) plugin.



Add the feature-request tag, please.

mainly wondering if there is a way to layer multiple vsti plugins within a single instrument track.

in fl studio, this is possible via a plugin called “patcher”

and in studio one, it is accomplished with a similar feature called a “multi instrument”

in cubase, it’s possible to do this with a vsti plugin called “bidule”…but I wonder if steinberg would consider building it into the cubase feature set.

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I have a modular synth rig I use when I want the real thing but when I’m in a hurry the Voltage Modular plugin is good… And free…

The work-around is to create multiple instrument tracks and have them all take MIDI from the same source track, and then group them, and bus them all to the same mix bus/group where you process the combined sound.

In my experience, if you’re really into modular stuff, you end up with a tool like Reaktor, though. The DAW won’t ever give you that level of control on its own.

I would love a feature like that. I use bitwig studio 4’s The Grid which is truly amazing.