Cubase and moving from PC to PC question.

Hi guys. This is more aimed at licensing / eLicenser question, but since I am asking about C9, I didn’t know where else to put it, but here in the C9 category…

So I own C9 Pro and an eLicenser (physical USB version) which I have owned since C5 days.

I have only ever used it in my home studio with the eLicenser permanently plugged into that PC.
So now with a kid asleep next room to my studio I need to work downstairs instead during evenings.

Enough rambling, let me get to the point.
Is there anything wrong with installing C9, on my downstairs computer too, and then simply plugging in my eLicenser into whichever PC i am on at the time ? So daytime I’m upstairs, evenings im downstairs ?
I just don’t want the eLicenser detecting C9 being used on a different PC then it is used to, albeit on the same network and then cause dramas for me. So my license and copy of C9 will only ever be used on one PC at a time, which ever PC eLicenser is plugged into.

Is there anything wrong with this, or is there any easier way to do this ?

Thanks ahead!


You can install your Cubase to any (number of) computer. Where do you plug in your USB-eLicenser with the license, Chbase will start. It’s totally OK, it’s legal and there is no easier way (if you don’t want to own two licenses). :wink:

This is the big advanteg of the USB-eLicenser as hardware dongle.

Yeah you can just swap the dongle.

If you’re working the same projects both upstairs and downstairs be careful to try and keep Cubase and especially any plugins the same on both machines. Also make sure that any any samples or libraries are available on the 2nd computer, and can be found by the project. Preparing a project archive is the best way to transfer it to another machine rather than just copying the project folder.

You can, but you´re allowed to on only up to 3 computers in your possession.

Please make this clear. It means that there is a count somewhere like the old Adobe license. I have two Cubase programes and 2 USB dongles and 4 computers. So therefore not all my dongles will work on all computers. Just when I thought I got it right I am in trouble as I have to remember which dongle goes with which two computer!
I hope you are not correct! :confused:

Not true,
" the corresponding software can be used on any computer to which the USB-eLicenser is connected"

Sure it can, that´s what I said, nevertheless the software can only be used with a license. And the license allows up to three computers in your possession.

No, there is no count somewhere, all your dongles will run on all your computers.

No count. I’m using the only one USB-eLicenser on multiple computers (it has been used on more then 10 already).

Thank you kindly for the answers. It works perfectly, I just figured I’d ask before I do something wrong and lock my self out of the license potentially.

You can multi system install all the stuff that uses the eLicenser and iLok (slate digital and Izotope, etc) and all your Waves (and plugin-alliance) stuff too, can have their license installed on a small USB thumb drive which you can also also move machine to machine.