cubase and Mtrack eights

Hey All

For some unexplained reason, my Mtrack 8 sound card is not working with cubase 7.5 or 8 on either my pc or mac book.

It says its there in the device drop down and even on the connections, but yet when i hit play there is no meters moving on the mixer or sound playing through, I have midi working on the transport bar but again no sound from the VST instruments or external sources
I have tried a diffeerent mTrack 8 as i have 2 and thats the same and as i said i have tried it on pc and mac and its the same.
I am a professional producer and I am very well versed in Cubase, Waves, Pc and Mac etc so its not the obvious things like 'check connections or routing, as I have had the Mtrack working previously, this has happened all of a sudden with no new hardware changes etc.

Any ideas anyone?




Try to increase the Buffer Size, please. First try to set it to the maximum, and if this works, go down until the Value, which fits.

Can you produce audio with built in audio?

Do you get any sound outside of Cubase if you select it as your windows soundcard?

Hey guys

Yes I get everything fine with the macs in built audio and even with a fastrack c400.
It seems to be a problem with the mtrack 8.

Also about an hour ago without me changing anything it worked on the PC.

As I said the transport bar plays and moves accordingly but I have no meter movement at all. I have midi registering fine but no audio from any of the instruments I have opened.

The exact same project works fine on my of with the same mtrack.

It seems to be the Mac, I was wondering as I have logic x installed too if there is a conflict some where.

Thanks again for any help everyone




What happend when you changed the Buffer Size to the maximum, please?

Which version of Cubase exactly do you use? Make sure, you have the latest update, please.

Hey Martin

Nothing happens when I change the buffer size on the m track. It’s exactly the same.



Can you clarify something…first you said that 2 different mtracks failed to work on both PC and Mac…but later you say

The exact same project works fine on my of with the same mtrack.

what is your “of”

And you also say

It seems to be the Mac, I was wondering as I have logic x installed too if there is a conflict some where.

But have already said that the problem is on PC too…so how could it be the Mac that is the problem?

On I meant.

The m track 8 and Cubase project work fine now on the pc for some unexplained reason.
The problem is something in Cubase on the Mac. Logic and mtrack work fine and Cubase and built in audio work fine.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.

Replacing of with on in that sentence doesn’t make it any more clear what on earth you’re saying :mrgreen:

Seems very odd it wan’t working on PC (2 of them) but now suddenly is…makes me wonder if it’s a dodgy cable or something…Are you using the same cable to connect to the Mac…and have you definitely had it working on the Mac before?

‘the same thing works fine on my Pc’ - sorry, bloody spell checker, it’s a bit keen.

I have changed cables and mtracks.

This is the first time I have used the mtrack8 with my Mac. I upgraded from the fastrack c400 to run 8 outs on the live tour set up.

The fault normally would appear to routing, or buses but everything is present and correct routing wise.

I have opened a new project and dropped in random audio to see if it was a corrupt project but still got the same.

Transport bar moves, but no movement in the meters, so no sound.
But the mtrack is there in devices, connections.
Also I get midi data on the transport from my m audio e49 and e66 Keys but no audio from any of the instruments.

Similar symptoms to yours reported on previous versions when El Capitan first came out.
If you’re on El Capitan make sure you are running the last update.

That’s a good shout Mr Grim, thank you.

I have just checked and there is indeed an update for El Capitan.

I will let you know. My fingers, toes and testicles are crossed…

I’ve updated El Capitan and unfortunately it’s still the same.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough.

It’s Cubase that must be the latest version, not El Capitan.

Well I just updated both 7.5 and 8 and low and behold it’s now working fine on Cubase 8pro.

Many thanks for your patience and suggestions Mr Grim.
It’s excellent work you all do helping in these forums.
There’s nothing makes me happier than things working!!

Thanks again.

Cool you got it working but incase anybody else comes looking, I’ve had some issues (which are known about) with M-Audio gear and USB 3.0 ports. In my case, the only option was to use a USB 2.0 port but I believe some laptops/macs only have USB 3.0.