Cubase and multiple MIDI interfaces of the same type

I have two “MIDIMATE II” MIDI intefaces and was thinking about removing the old 8 port interface and replacing it by USB-hub and several “MIDIMATE II” MIDI interfaces.

But here comes the problem. Cubase shows all 4 ports (2 ports per MIDIMATE), but when I name them and close and reopen the project, the naming is wrong. Is there any trick to do that?

Or is this an open issue that Steinberg needs to fix?


Do you mean name them in the Device Setup?

I would afraid, this is more a driver issue, which cannot distinguish between the two devices correctly.

To be honest, to be on the save side, I would recommend you to use one device with more MIDI Ports (4 or 8) instead of using multiple same devices. Incorrect devices recognise could be one issue, another issue could be with different USB > MIDI jitters on different USB ports. You block 2 USB ports. I can see just disadvantages with this solution.

Maybe worth trying this.

I think I remember someone using a workaround with virtual midi ports. Anyhow it would be easier just to get a 4 port that has drivers supporting more units.
But I can see the benefits of the MIDIMATE II, the auto detect of the in/out is a neat feature.

The main benefit would be to get rid of 1 HU of rack space. And a little less cabling.

I tried a Korg driver. But beside that the Korg driver is Multi-Client, both MIDI interfaces still have the same name. So the only thing would be to use the interfaces without any naming or to buy 4 different USB-MIDI cables from different manufactures.

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