Cubase and NI Maschine


I cannot get an audio signal from maschine into Cubase (elements). I can export/copy etc… but cannot route a live audio feed into cubase mixer. I have tried on maschine forum but they said this is a daw specific problem.

Any help appreciated.

So which of the steps explained in the “Getting started” manual have you taken…?

are you opening Maschine as a VSTi within Cubase?

Hi to you both.

I can use maschine as plug-in or standalone. In standalone i can import audio to cubase or copy and drag. But live audio routing is confusing me.

Step by step:

  1. run cubase
  2. create midi-track with maschine as plug-in
  3. create audio track
  4. play maschine
  5. see signal in maschine output send but no signal going INTO maschine mixer channel
  6. I have set-up extra audio input bus left/right mono in cubase
  7. i see no signal in the front of my audio interface when i play maschine (maschine uses virtual audio tracks as you probabbly know)
  8. In maschine i have tried all all different routings 9i.e group out, sound/sample out to group, main, output 1-16 …
    Just cant figure what dumb thing i am doing wrong.

Hope this makes sense.