Cubase and Nuendo licence questions

I crossgraded from FL Studio to Cubase 11 and then bought an update to Cubase 12. Last year before new licencing system I crossgraded again to Nuendo 12. Now in my Steinberg Activation Manager I have both Cubase 12 and Nuendo 12 activated.

Question 1:
I am right to assume these are now two independent licences and I can upgrade them both without worrying for other licence or I can only upgrade to Nuendo 13?
Question 2:
Can I update and sell my Cubase 12 - 13 licence?

Thanks for help.

Yes, and yes.

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cross grade from cubase to nuendo does not leave you only with Nuendo license ? i was sure the cubase license is “converted” and replaced to nuendo !

Perhaps that was true in the eLicenser days, but it is not the case with Steinberg Licensing.