Cubase and NVidia

Is there a known situation with Cubase that has trouble detecting Nvidia integrated soundcard ?
I’m using Windows with a 1080

hi Vicsalazar

Does the nvida integrated soundcard have an ASIO driver ?

if not then try ASIO4ALL (google it :slight_smile: )

Cubase will only work with soundcards that have an ASIO driver - this is different from a ‘standard’ windows driver.

There is not a real “integrated soundcard” on a grafics card
The system uses the Nvidia card just as an output with embedding audio into the HDMI or DP streams
the sound card of the motherboard handles this together with the driver system of Windows
ASIO4ALL, the generic low latency driver or Voicemeter will give you a virtual ASIO device usable in Cubase on top of your Windows sound system.
But it’s a bit tricky to configure it…

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