Cubase and OS X's App Firewall

Whenever I use Cubase, I have to confirm (or deny) that Cubase may be allowed to connect to the internet. This usually happens when opening the third project after Cubase has been started. I have to reconfirm this each and every time; OS X does not remember the setting even though it remembers it well with other applications. I suspect the reason is that the Cubase App is not properly signed. See this page on Apple’s support site

Some apps check their own integrity when they are opened without using code signing. If the firewall recognizes such an app it doesn’t sign it. Instead, it the “Allow or Deny” dialog appears every time the app is opened. This can be avoided by upgrading to a version of the app that is signed by its developer.

Developers, please sign the Cubase app to fix this irritating behaviour.

Cubase Studio 8.5
OS X 10.11.2