Cubase and Reason 2

Is it possible to use a VST instrument in Cubase and route it through an effect in Reason ?

Youd need to do it with a newer version of reason if you want to use rewire.

I’m not sure about PC’s but certainly on Mac’s you need reason 6 or higher because you need a 64bit app.

If someone else has more concrete info they might chime in.

Hi Manike. Rewire is running fine and Cubase and Reason talks together as they should. I can easily setup a miditrack in Cubase and route it to an Instruments in Reason, no problem there…

The question was if its possible route a VST instrument in Cubase to an effect in Reason.


It’s amazing to hear that it works…I haven’t heard of anybody using rewire for years :slight_smile:. Anyway, no, rewire is just for routing reason instrument output back to the DAW. It’s been a long time since I used it, but AFAIK there’s no way to use reason as an effects processor, unless you want to rig up some kind of audio loopback device that feeds audio to reason outside of rewire.

Yeah thats also what I thought. Just wanted to be sure.

Rewire works perfectly. And now that I bought Reason 7 some years ago I thought I better use it and I still think it has some really cool features. Why do you think fewer people use rewire or for that sake Reason ?

Regards Dr Tolle

Once upon a time Propellerheads offered instruments that had no equivalent in the VST world, for example rebirth or dr Rex. That hasn’t been true for many years. So there isn’t much need for rewire these days.

GlennO makes sense…