Cubase and Revalver 4

Hi guys… I have some issues with Cubase, well… Not sure if it actually is Cubase but i have been messing around with different DAWS for some years but kept on coming back to Cubase. I have been using Amplitube 3 with Cubase and also Ignite Amps and all is good soundwise, sounds really great after mixdowns and sound the same as the stand alone Amplitube. I recently got Revalver 4 and the stand alone sounds awesome but when it comes to Cubase it sound nothing even close to the stand alone and mixdowns sounds very very spacy and like playing under water. The settings are the exact same as when I use Amplitube so cant really see what the problem can be? Have been trying all kinds of different setting with bitrate, 44.100, 48.000 e.t.c but nothing helps. Any wise ideas?

My cubase version is LE AI Elements 6 64 bit

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: