Cubase and Rewiring to Ableton


I have Cubase Artist 9.5. I’ve been trying to rewire Ableton 10 to Cubase. Both apps are 64 bit, running on Windows 10, same project settings (44.1 and 32 bit). I pick Ableton as Rewire slave in Cubase, add some channels, then start Ableton which then gets stuck on loading a live set and starts looping. When I force it to end and go back to Cubase, Cubase itself crashes. I’ve tried restarting the computer etc, but nothing helps.

I don’t think this is an Ableton problem, as I can successfully slave Ableton to Reaper.

Any ideas? I tried to find the crash dumps for Cubase but they don’t seem to have been created yet ( I looked in Documents\Steinberg - there was no crashdumps folder).


I don’t think it’s Cubase problem when Live hangs…

Is Reaper also 64bit?

Yes Reaper is also 64 bit. The fact that Cubase crashes indicates Cubase is involved. I’ve also tried this with Studio One and Ableton and that wroks just fine. This forum link indicates it is not just me: