Cubase and Side chains. I think it's time

I think the time has come for Cubase to fix its side chain routing.

Moving or copying a plugin from one track to another and it loses its side chain input ?
No thank you. The time I have wasted, I can’t even tell you…

Routing side chains through sends ?
No thank you. It’s not enough sends per track for a standard House/Dance/Pop track.

Side chaining plugins that have a side chain input only ?
No thank you. We need a Reaper/Logic/ProTools system where you can send a signal to a Cubase Internal side chain system.

In today’s workflow, the side chain routings go way beyond side chaining the bass with the kick.

These options need to be implemented urgently.

And by urgently I mean that these options should have been implemented in Cubase 7 or 8.

If you agree, please let us know.


Agreed. It’s annoying AF to copy plugins over and have to redo the sidechain settings.

I once copied Pro C2 over to a different track and it kept the side chain input ?! It happened only once, and I was never able to reproduce it, but perhaps there IS a way ? If someone from Steinberg could chime in, that’d be great.