Cubase and SMPTE-generator - and standalone video player - How does it work?

Just investigating if to get a standalone video player or other computer with sync abilities, just keep Cubase and this computer off some load and possibly make myself more independent on Steinberg for this(rather sick of waiting).

#1. Any special requirements on playback device for Cubase to support this, or?

#2. Will this at all be dependent on video engine stuff in Cubase - just loading the SMPTEgenerator on a track?
I just place markers for scenes on Cubase timeline, and expect player to just position itself.
I don’t need thumbnails all the way for this, and no editing or anything in Cubase - that is done in video editor.

What I need is for playback device to position itself just moving cursor in daw, and play back in sync when running transport.

Anybody do this?

Suggested players/equipment?
Price levels up to about Nuendo is ok and will be a good investment and generate freedom, and that may cost a bit.