Cubase and Sonuus i2m audio recording ?

Hi all,

Has anyone here been succesful with audio recording with the i2m in Cubase ?

I can’t find the right settings, already tried the Sonuus forum but got nothing closer to a solution.

If you got it working, can you please post the necessary settings in Cubase ?


The specsheet , says it uses your operating system’s class-compliant driver .
Cubase prefers an ASIO driver , so try the free ASIO4ALL .

Also it appears to only provide 16-bit , 44.1 or 48 kHz quailty , so set your driver control panel and project settings to whichever one you choose .

It helps if you add your os, system specs and Cubase version in your signature .

Problem solved, thanks

I was already trying with ASIO4ALL, but in a wrong way, reading your post caused a sudden flash of insight:)

Will add specs for later posts…