Cubase and the .caf-format

I have a sound fx library on an external hd. Some of the files are in the .caf-format. At home on my laptop running Windows Vista, theres no problem importing these files into Cubase 7, but at work on a Windows 8 desktop, Cubase doesn’t recognize them. Is this OS related or am I missing a codec or someting on my desktop at work?
I tried installing Quicktime, just to check if it could play the files, no poblems there.

I found this on ehow:
Disadvantages of CAF Format
The primary disadvantage of the CAF format is its relatively narrow range. Although its compatibility with all Core Audio devices is an asset to those who own Apple products, support for the format is lacking outside of Apple’s sphere. Most native Windows applications, with the notable cross-platform exceptions of VLC and Audacity, do not read CAF files, confining the format primarily to the Mac OS X and iOS platforms. Although some non-Apple DAWs, such as Avid’s Pro Tools and Steinberg’s Cubase, read CAF files, their support for the format does not extend to implementing the markers and notes that may be included in the file

Read more: What Is a CAF File? |

Nevermind. I just converted the .caf-files in my library to .wav, instead. I used “Switch Sound File Converter Plus” free version to do this and it worked perfectly.

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