Cubase and UAD issues?


What’s the latest on using UAD2 card on win7 with Cubase?

I remember lots of issues with multiprocessir support, auto affinity tools, spikes and the like.


No problems here…

Works great in my setup too. Got 2x UAD1 and 1xUAD2. Only trouble I had was with the VSTBridge, but JBridge works fine for me.

The multiprocessor issue was fixed on the UAD side a good few updates ago. I have 2 x UAD-2 quads and a UAD-1 working flawlessly here in Cubase 7 32bit on Windows 7 64bit.

So nice to hear that. Thank u!

Couldn’t be happier with mine! Working beautifully!
Only problem is once you get one you just want more and MORE!!! :smiley:

I guess you can count me in too, works perfectly here, using VSTBridge, C6 x64 on Win7 x64.


Well, it’s not exactly “Perfect”, can’t use mouse scroll and controls etc… But, it does work well with a couple of specific plugin exceptions.

I have both UAD 1 and UAD 2 working fine.
I only have to use J Bridge if I want to run one of the effects in ReValver 3.5 Guitar Sin. It is 64 bit and does not see the UAD effects so I have to create a 64bit bridged version. Tediously you have to do this to each one separately.

The only annoying thing is that you cannot process a part/audio file directly for some reason.