Cubase and USB plug and play compatibility

Would you like this basic functionality of USB to finally be fully functional in Cubase?

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Why isn’t Cubase able to plug and play USB devices in 2015? Why?
We need to restart Cubase to get it to recognize anything we plugin when Cubase is running?
Some parts of Cubase is so “welcome to the stone age” it’s not even funny.
Will there ever be a Cubase version when this works as most other modern programs that use USB device
This could seem like a feature request but to me it’s not.
It’s expected to be included in a program like Cubase and omitting it is making Cubase look broken.

+1 for sure

If you agree please show you support for this feature request.

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This works on Mac for many years already in Cubase. :wink:

Possible, but other than that PC is a great configurable, cost effective tool with backwards compatibility while Mac is still a prosthesis for the technically challenged, so in the grand scheme of things I don’t think it’s worth considering.