Cubase and V-drums

Hi folks,

Apologies if this has been asked before!

I have Cubase 5 and have been happily using EZDrummer and always been delighted with it.

My bands drummer recently got hold of an older set of Roland V-drums, and I’m looking for advice on the best way to utilise it.

First question, is EZ drummer a reasonably suitable candidate for recording with v-drums? Should I look at something else?

This will ideally be for recording LP drums (hey, if it’s good enough for Meshuggah!) but hopefully we’ll be giving the finished sessions as individual wavs to a proper engineer for mixing. The mixer in EZ drummer seems very limited to me (fine for demos), and ideally I’d like to have each component, kick snare etc get its own track.

If there’s a more sensible approach to recording v-drums with cubase, what is it?

Oh also, the v-drums only have midi out. Will a midi to usb cable suffice, or will we need an interface?