Cubase and VCV Rack Timecode Sync Issue

I wonder if any one can shed any light on this. I’m using VCV Rack Pro in Cubase 11 and have noticed that if I send timecode from Cubase into a clock module (Impromptu Clocked, for instance), there is a discrepancy between my metronome and any audio generated using a gate from the clock module.

I’ve made a video to demonstrate. In the video I have Cubase set to internal timecode. The Midi-CV module is recieving timecode from Cubase and sending 24 PPQN to the Clocked module, which is sending a gate to the FM-Op module. The pulse coming from the FM-Op module should be perfectly in line with the metronome, but as you can hear - it is randomly offset, depending on where the timeline is when you press play.

There is a thread on the VCV Rack forum discussing this issue, which seems only to be a problem in Cubase. No one there has really come up with an answer though.

I would probably have attributed this issue to VCV Rack, except that I have had exactly the same problem using the sequencer in Arturia’s Moog Modular instrument.

I hope someone can help with this. There are many other ways to sync VCV Rack and Cubase, so it isn’t a problem that can’t be worked around, but I’m really curious to know what’s going on.