Cubase and VEP Routing FX - Need help!

I come on humble bended knee to the wise ones for their sage advice - I’ve recently entered the world of VEP and have discovered my familiar routing workflow in Cubase no longer holds water and am now clueless how to apply individual FX on a single track now.

I used to use just Track instruments in Cubase (not Racks) as it made it easy to add inserts on each track one by one to get granular EQs etc on each track - easy. Now using VEP, I’m loading up a single VEP instance with multiple channels on it, each assigned to a separate midi track in Cubase.

My routing knowledge is diabolically poor so need advice (manuals aren’t helping here) - how do I go about adding an Effect to one single midi track in Cubase now, without having to create a single VEP instance for each and every single instrument? e.g. If I have Spitfire Mural in a VEP instance with V1, V2, Va, VC in separate channels, how do I go about adding EQ to just one of these (and not the whole instance)? Can anyone help fill this brainless idiot’s head with the missing info?

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You can apply the EQ on the VEP side, or you can route the output of the sound back to Cubase as individual Return Channel, and Insert the EQ to this Return Channel.

Thanks for the info Martin. This begs my next dim question - how do I route the output of the sound back to Cubase as an individual Return Channel? After endless hours of trying, I still can’t figure this out!

Don’t worry - figured this out! All set at last!

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