Cubase and Vst Live

I asked myself why Steinberg did not integrate vst live directly as an add-on module on the basis of cubase.
Most people know cubase very well and the routing possibilities are very sophisticated. Here you can also use midi plugins. The audio files would not have to be available on the computer more than once, etc. Today’s computers have plenty of reserves and space. And 32 Gb ram is a must anyway. The plug-ins would then also have to be loaded completely (preload).
But so that you don’t have to load plug-ins unnecessarily several times, the sharing function must be optimised. For example: Omnisphere with its 8 parts and 8 outs to be fully used.
To the development team: The programme is still in its infancy, but I am of the opinion that this programme has a lot of potential, keep it up.

It is a different team, with different engines. We cannot afford to endanger or use resources from Cubase development, and it is a different target altogether. Initially, the Tracks Module was supposed to just be a “simple” backing-track player. But many beloved Cubase users jumped on the train and now ask “why don’t they just put Cubase in it (or vice versa)”. The answer is that “just” doesn’t apply at all. VST Live is not Cubase, and there is no intention at all to “replace” Cubase, and vice versa, even though there is a lot that you can do with either program.

You are right to ask, we are working on that.

That is well possible as has been explained elsewhere in this forum.