Cubase and VSTBridgeApp consumes a lot of traffic internet.

I have a Cubase 7.5.
I recently discovered that it consumes a lot of traffic internet. Both incoming and outgoing.
Also consumes a lot of traffic and VSTBridgeApp.

I have Mac Mavericks.
The fact is that with such a large navigable information my computer starts making noise and work slowly.Why will he need the internet??
Sorry for my mistakes!!
Help me please.

Its crashing Cubase also. Is anyone know how to turn vstbridge completly off ?

The bridge will only run if you use 32bit plugs…ifr it is crashing Cubase then you must be running 32bit plugs??
And wasn’t it you posting how 7.5 was rock solid just a few days ago :laughing:

If you want to make sure it’s disabled you could try changing the extension of the VSTbridge.exe file which is in the components folder. Not sure if that will cause any other problems but should disable it.

And to the OP…are you sure it’s using your internet connection…there’s no good reason I can think of for it to do this unless you have the hub open.

Eh, you have several things running there that probably shouldn’t be when using music production sw…


Except for the ‘Hub’ (which I rarely seem to use anymore) no
network connections at all when using Cubase. Or any DAW.

Consider that VSTBridge doesn’t work with plug-ins older than v.2.4, so if you have one or more of those, they are likely the culprit. jBridge, on the other hand, works fine even with really old VST’s (2.1, 2.2 no problem but probably even older ones…), not to mention it’s way more stable.

Yeah, it would be cool if there was a way to completely uninstall VSTBridge from Cubase, because it’s really useless.

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Hi. Thats right. I reinstall all software and now I think it was not nessesery. Vstbridge seems to my be problem. Im going to compleatly stop using 32 bit plugins. Its not easy to find their equivalents but its worth. So few $ will spend. I have a jBridge but dont like to use it.

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The VST-bridge uses the tcp stack connecting to local host, it should not be using any internet.
Are you shure it is routing outside your computer. You could simply be watching TCP/IP activity and not internet activity

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